Internal Cream Treatment

6-Day Cream

6-Day Treatment

Our lowest concentration of medication in a cream, delivered over 6 days to gently cure your infection. Use this low-concentration cream daily for 6 consecutive days; cream is suitable for internal and external vaginal use. The full 6-day consecutive treatment is required to cure the yeast infection. Ideal for use with antibiotic therapy, for women with vaginal dryness or as recommended by your doctor.

Yeast Infection Fact

Did you know that regardless of the length of treatment that you use, it takes approximately
3 to 4 days to cure your yeast infection?

  • Directions
    After reading the enclosed circular, insert one applicator of cream high in the vagina at bedtime. Repeat daily for 6 consecutive days even if symptoms disappear. To help prevent re-infection, wear cotton underwear. Product Monograph available to doctors and pharmacists upon request.
  • Ingredients