Canesten 1-Day Combi Pak Yeast Infection Tablet + Cream

Canesten® 1-Day Combi-Pak ComforTAB Yeast Infection Treatment

Canesten 1-Day Combi Pak Yeast Infection Tablet + Cream

The Canesten® ComforTAB® is a slim, vaginal tablet preferred for its cleanliness and convenience. It is inserted high into the vagina with a sleek applicator, allowing you to treat your infection at the site anytime, day or night, and continues to work over several days until the infection is cured.

  • Slim ComforTAB to treat anytime, day or night
  • Includes cream to soothe external itching and burning
  • Convenient single-dose treatment
  • 500mg/tab Clotrimazole & 1% External Clotrimazole cream


The pack contains a full course of treatment which consists of a single vaginal tablet with an applicator to treat a vaginal yeast infection and contains an external cream to quickly soothe the external itch and burn.

The vaginal tablet should be inserted as high as possible into the vagina with the help of the applicator, preferably before going to sleep at night for convenient and comfortable treatment.

The cream should be gently spread over the irritated vaginal area, 1-2 times a day. It should only be used during the period when external symptoms are present, to a maximum of 7 days.

How long does it take for the 1-DAY COMBI-PAK COMFORTAB® to work?

The symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection should start disappearing within a few hours or days. If there is no improvement in your symptoms in 3 days or if they have not disappeared within 7 days, you might not have a vaginal yeast infection. Discontinue treatment and contact your physician.

What does the 1-DAY COMBI-PAK COMFORTAB® contain?

The active substance is Clotrimazole, an antifungal agent which fights fungal infections such as yeast infections.

When should you see your doctor about a yeast infection?

If you see no improvement after three days since you started using the Canesten 1 Day Combi-Pak ComforTab®, you should tell your doctor. Ask a doctor before use if you have symptoms that recur within 2 months.


For vaginal use only.

Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you • are at increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV-AIDS) • have multiple partners • change partners often • have diabetes • have symptoms that recur within 2 months • have never had a yeast infection before • are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding • have any of the following symptoms which may be signs of a serious condition: abdominal, back or shoulder pain fever or chills nausea or vomiting foul-smelling vaginal discharge

When using this product • Do not use tampons, intravaginal douches or other vaginal products • Canesten® may reduce the effectiveness and safety of latex products (E.g. condoms and diaphragms) and vaginal spermicides. This effect is temporary and occurs only during treatment.

Stop use and ask a doctor if • there is no improvement in 3 days or if symptoms have not disappeared within 7 days • you have abdominal pain, fever, foul-smelling discharge during use of this medication • skin rash or new irritation occurs

Keep safely out of reach of children. If swallowed, call a poison control centre or a healthcare professional right away.