How To Treat A Vaginal Yeast Infection

Treatment can be quite straight forward.

To treat the infection you can use an internal product that contains the active ingredient clotrimazole or an oral treatment containing fluconazole. These products all treat your infection, but different people prefer different treatment options. External creams will help to soothe your symptoms such as itchiness and burning. You can buy our products separately or you can purchase a combi-pak for both the internal and external treatments.

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If you need further help a pharmacist or your doctor can help you decide the best option for you.

Information For First Time VYI Sufferers

Visit your doctor the first time you have a vaginal yeast infection – that way you’ll get the correct diagnosis and you’ll be able to recognise your own symptoms in the future. If it is a yeast infection, you’ll be able to treat it independently at home.